for the 1st time in my life,i made this things...sume gara2 bes plak ngok die wat...haha~~my full name is abdul sharulnizam bin shaari..i have a lot of "pet" name but most of my lads call me bagok..i dun know what kind of word is this and where it came from, but only 1 thing i already know it is created by aki, i said F.......U.......C.......K,just for u..haha..nah~~dun worry guys, he is my besters buddy ever, he dun really care much...kan aki kan?kan?

so now im still study at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia KL in Science Computer Course, still in diploma...also we call it as DDC..little bit tough course for me coz im not into computer things before this..kt skool dlu msok lab comp pown 3 bulan skali lol x) kalo xd pape halangan, i will further my study in degree at UTM skudai...insyaallah..

for the time being, i got a lot of homework to do..projects, assasement, and tenet maen ari2 jgak..wajibulghunnah!!ker3..due date pown da nak dekat dah..i think next week is the toughtest game in my career as DDC student...

that all for da introduction...
meet u at da next post..
c yaa~~

p/s: sorry im not good in english...if anything wrong wit my verb or wateva..just hit me back guys..

0 idea.bernas: