Out in the everglades,
Sleeping in with the poor is a fortune for the brave,
I can easily say that we will never change
Be implacable and never lose your flames
( never lose your flames )
Wouldn't you say that the world has spit on you enough
( Unanswered prayers, sleeping under streetlights )
And I don't understand the danger of talking them up, up, up,
And every night,
( every night )
you salvage every skyline,
( every skyline )
Only enough so that you might have the chance to feel fine,
Swear to god I believe we've had enough trying to save the world,
Yeah did you hear me, we have had enough,

This is how we close the show,
So sit back and listen,
Cause it's not over yet,
You think you know us,
Well, you don't know shit.

good song, great voice, badass band

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