His Last Walk (2006)

1. A Message to the Unknown
2. Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
3. Higinia
4. Could Tell a Love
5. Rise Up
6. Times Like These
7. Pray
8. With Eyes Wide Shut
9. Wait for Tomorrow
10. Black Rose Dying
11. His Last Walk


Witness (2 Songs) (2009)

To Hell And Back
We'll Sleep When We're Dead

new album will arrive!!

I Wouldn't Quit If Everyone Quit

Blessthefall [EP] (2005)

1. Times Like These (Demo)
2. Higinia (Demo)
3. Wait for Tomorrow (Demo)
4. Black Rose Dying (Demo)
5. Pray (Demo)
6. Take Me Now Pt. 1
7. Take Me Now Pt. 2
8. The Fine Line Between Love and Hate


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