tired.ness x(

urghh...sgtlah tired arini..hoho~~ditinggalkan ngan kije2 yg sgt blambak2..haiss~~

x penah2 ak masok bilik HEP la,blik harta bina la, x pasai2 kne msok gak...i tried my best to speak with manners n lemah lembut..but when i look at their face,got really scared..especially the one with Salleh name...looked so fierce...mcm singa..lol~~

but all the things i have to do make me so uncomfortable, im not try to blame anyone for this,i know that everyone have to do their own work..but im not kinda into this shit thing before, it make harder to me to deal with it..huh..n plus a lot of assigment to do..wit lads from aussies not coming back yet..yg pegi tuh yg bijaksana plak tuh..aduyai~~

i desperate to make my blog look better..but i've got no idea how to do it..coz im not really know bout this things..just looked at my frens playing2 wit this thing n i followed them..haha~~

hurm...internet kt kolej plak mcm x iklas jerk..sial tol..ssh la nak maen blog ari2..
ape daaa~~~jam da nak dkat pkol 4..sok ad class...tyme to sleep i think...


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